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Tag a Microsoft Word document

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Tags greatly assist screen reader users when reading PDFs, they help communicate structure, provide easier navigation, and communicate relevant interactive and dynamic elements. 

1. Select How to tag a PDF.

2. Click Yes.

3. Locate the source file on your computer.

3.1. Microsoft Word

3.1.1. Select File [1] and Save As [2].

3.1.2. From the File Format menu, select PDF.

3.1.3. Select Best for electronic distribution and accessibility.

3.1.4. Click Export.

3.2. PowerPoint

You can't save PowerPoint files as tagged PDFs. Upload the original PowerPoint file instead.

3.3. Google Docs

Follow the instructions below if your original file is in Google Docs format. You'll need to have access to Microsoft Word to tag a PDF.

3.3.1. Click File.

3.3.2. Select Download [1] and Microsoft Word [2].

3.3.3. Follow the instructions under Microsoft Word to download a tagged PDF.

4. Upload the updated file to your Canvas course.

4.1. Return back to the Ally report in Canvas. Click Word for Microsoft Office 2016.

4.2. Scroll down and click Next.

4.3. Upload the tagged PDF by dropping the file or click Browse.

4.4. You should see an improvement in your Accessibility score for the file.

Continue working on the remaining issues if needed by following the instructions given.

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