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Export a table or graph in SPSS

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1. Right-click on the table or graph and select Export.

2. An Export Output dialogue box will appear. If you only want to export the object you selected, choose Selected.

3. You can choose the type of document you want the object to be exported into by using the dropdown menu.

3.1. Optional: You can change the options by clicking on the specific option you want to change within the Options: text box and clicking the button Change Options.

3.2. An Options dialogue box will appear where you can change the advance export options. Once you have made the changes, click Continue.

4. Click Browse to select the save location and change the name of the export document.

5. A Save File dialogue box will appear. To change the file location, click on the drop down arrow and select the location of where you want the exported document to be saved.

6. Type the name of the exported document, then click Save.

7. Click OK on the Export Output dialogue box.

8. The object will be exported in the selected format and saved in the designated location.

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