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Run a correlation in SPSS


The correlation coefficient is a measure of the direction and strength of a linear relationship

1. To run a correlation, click on Analyze.

2. Then select Correlate.

3. For this demonstration, we will be performing a bivariate (2 variables) correlation. Therefore, click on Bivariate.

4. A Bivariate Correlations dialogue box will appear.

5. Select the variables for the correlation by adding them to the right side by either double-clicking the variable or using the middle right arrow button.

6. For this demonstration, we are interested in the correlation between age in years and marital status. Therefore, add these variables to the Variable(s) text box.

7. Next, you can choose your various options, styles, and bootstrap by clicking on the buttons to the right. After you have made your changes within the corresponding advanced options, click Continue.

8. Next, select the type of correlation coefficient you want for this test, the test of significance, and if you want to flag significant correlations.

9. Click OK when finished.

10. The results will display in the Output window.

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