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Use the Syntax Editor in SPSS

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SPSS syntax is a programming language unique to SPSS that can be used as an alternative to the drop-down menus for data manipulation and statistical analyses. The Syntax Editor window is where users can write, debug, and execute SPSS syntax.

1. To open a new syntax editor window

1.1. Click File.

1.2. Select New.

1.3. Click Syntax.

1.4. A new syntax editor window will appear.

2. You can paste the syntax code of every analysis you perform into a syntax editor window by clicking on Paste at the bottom of an analysis dialogue box.

2.1. Syntax code will be pasted.

3. The left panel of the Syntax Editor window shows an outline of the commands in your syntax, and can be used to navigate within your code. You can jump to a specific part of your code by clicking on the command in the left panel.

4. The right panel of the Syntax Editor window is where your syntax is entered.

5. Syntax can be saved as an *.sps file.

5.1. Click File and select Save As...

5.2. Click the dropdown arrow to select the location of where you would like your syntax file saved.

5.3. Add a name for your syntax file next to File name.

5.4. Click Save.

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