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Create a Histogram in SPSS


Histograms are summary graphs for a single variable. They are very useful to understand the pattern of variability in the data

1. To create a histogram for a variable, click Graphs.

2. Then select Legacy Dialogues.

3. Then Histogram.

4. A dialogue box will appear.

5. For this demonstration, we want to display a histogram for the variable Age in years. Add this variable to the Variable: text box by clicking on the variable to highlight and then clicking on the right arrow next to the Variable: text box.

6. If you would like to see the normal curve on top of the histogram, check the box underneath the Variable: text box.

Optional: If you would like to add Titles to your histogram, click on the Titles button to the right of the Variable: text box. Add your title, subtitle, and footnotes. Once completed, click Continue.

7. Click OK.

8. The results will display in the Output window.

Optional: If you would like to see age by marital status for example, you would add Age to the Variable: text box and then Marital Status to either the Rows: or Columns: text box depending on how you would like the results displayed. Click OK.

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