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Create a Histogram in SPSS

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Histograms are summary graphs for a single variable. They are very useful to understand the pattern of variability in the data

1. To create a histogram for a variable, click Graphs.

2. Select Legacy Dialogues.

3. Select Histogram.

4. A dialogue box will appear.

5. For this demonstration, we want to display a histogram for the variable, Age in years. Select the variable on the left column, then click on the forward arrow.

6. If you would like to see the normal curve on top of the histogram, check the box, Display normal curve.

7. Optional: If you would like to add Titles to your histogram.

7.1. Click on the Titles button next to Variable.

7.2. Add your title, subtitle, and footnotes. Once completed, click Continue.

8. Click OK.

9. The results will display in the Output window.

10. Optional: If you would like to create a Histogram of age by marital status.

10.1. Add Marital Status to either the rows or Columns depending on how you would like to display your results. Click OK.

10.2. The histogram will be created in the Output window.

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