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Download and Install SPSS

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SPSS is free to install and use for TC students, faculty and staff members through myTC Portal (

1.1. Find Academic Technology  Resources, and click SPSS Home Use for Students and Faculty.

myTC - Student View - Google Chrome

1.1.1. For staff members, go to Employee Resources in myTC portal [1]. Find General Technology Resources, and click SPSS Home Use [2].

2. An information page about the current SPSS version will appear. Under Activation Code and Files, click the link according to your computer operating system to download SPSS.

If your computer does not have OpenJDK installed, follow the instructions in step 2.1 before downloading SPSS.

Install OpenJDK by clicking here:

3. Click Download to download the latest version of SPSS.

4. If this message appears, click Download anyway.

5. Open the downloaded file. Follow the steps to install SPSS.

6. Click Launch License Wizard to activate using an authorization code.

7. A new window will appear. Click Next.

8. Select Concurrent user license and click Next.

9. Copy the activation code from the information sheet in myTC portal.

10. Paste the activation code to the IBM SPSS Statistics Licensing pop-up window. Click Next.

11. Authorization should be succeeded.

Note that although you may get messages that your SPSS program will stop working at the end of August, there will be a grace period, and SPSS will not expire until the end of September of each year, before which time a new license code will be distributed.

The new license code might be for a newer updated version of SPSS and you won't lose any old data if you update your SPSS version.

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