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Upload an image to Canvas

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There are many times when you might want to add an image to Canvas, whether in a discussion forum, a written assignment, or on a wiki page. These steps will help you add an image to your personal file storage in Canvas that you can access anywhere you see the Rich Text Editor.

1. Click on your Canvas account icon and choose Files.

Canvas Account - Files link

2. In your list of files, click the Upload button.

Personal Files in Canvas

3. Select the image on your computer you would like to add to your Canvas file repository.

Select image on computer

4. Once you have added the image to your Files in Canvas, navigate to the location you would like to add the image to. Click Edit.

5. Click the Image icon and select User Images.

Embed Image in Rich Text Editor

6. Select User Files. Choose Images and select the image you would like to add.

Insert/Edit Image dialog

7. Your selected image will appear.

Discussion Forum reply with embedded image

8. To edit the image, click on the image, then click Image Options.

Topic: Clare's Discussion - Google Chrome

8.1. Add alternative text tag to the image.

8.2. Manage display options for the image.

8.3. Resize the image.

Topic: Clare's Discussion - Google Chrome

9. Click Done to save the changes.

Topic: Clare's Discussion - Google Chrome

10. Click Post Reply to upload the image.

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