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Give your CA//TA+Grades Instructor privileges in Perusall


To be given Instructor status in a Perusall course you will need to be in the course as a CA/TA+Grades.

1. Click Perusall in your Canvas course navigation.

My Canvas Course

2. In your Perusall navigation select Settings.

My Canvas Course

3. In your Settings select Access from the top navigation.

My Canvas Course

4. In the Instructors with Access section add the TC email address of your CA/TA+Grades and click Send Invitation.

My Canvas Course

5. Once you send the invite your CA/TA+Grades will get an invitation email where they will accept the invitation. This will allow them to be added as an instructor to your Perusall site for this class.

Fwd: You've been invited to be an instructor of My Canvas Course in Perusall! - - Mail
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