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Configure the course Scoring criteria in Perusall


By default, Perusall's assignment score range goes from 0 to 3 points. Points are allocated based on up to six components: 1) annotation content, 2) opening assignment, 3) reading, 4) active reading time, 5) getting responses from peers, and 6) getting up-voted by peers.

To read more about Perusall Grading system, check this document.

1. To change the score range, go to Settings and click on the Advanced tab.

2. Type the Assignment score range you want for your course.

3. To change the default course Scoring criteria, go to Settings and click on the Scoring tab.

4. The blue bar will show you the percentage of the total score students can get for each component.

In this example, for Annotation content component students can get up to 60% (1.8 points) of the total score (3 points) by meeting the Annotation expectations only.

5. Click and drag the blue dot to change the percentage of full credit students can get for this particular component.

In the example below, the instructor allows students to get a full score (3 points) if they meet the annotation criteria alone.

6. Follow the same process for each component.

These changes will be active for all future assignments created.

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