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Create a Perusall Assignment in Canvas (Step 2)


Before Syncing your Perusall assignment in the Canvas gradebook make sure to follow Step 1.

1. In your Canvas course, navigate to the Assignments page and click +Assignment

2. Fill in the details of the assignment.  

2.1. Name the assignment exactly the same as you did in Perusall.  If you copied the name of the assignment from Perusall to the clipboard, just paste it here.

See where to find the title in Step 1 of setting up your Perusall Assignment.

2.2. Add detailed assignment instructions.

2.3. Determine the number of points for the assignment. Make sure it has the same points than the Perusall Assignment.

By default, Perusall scores range from 0 to 3. To learn how to change the scoring criteria, check these steps.

3. Scroll down to Submission Type to choose External Tool, then click Find.

4. Locate and click on Perusall, then click Select.

5. Check the box Load this Tool in a New Tab. This box must be selected or you will not be able to access the course Perusall site.

6. At the bottom of the assignment options, click Save & Publish.

7. The assignment page will now appear. Click Load [name of the assignment] in a New Window to be redirected to your course Perusall site.

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