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Create an Assignment in Perusall (Step 1)


Assignments in Perusall must attached to content uploaded to the Perusall Library.

1. Before creating a Perusall assignment upload the content for the assignment to your Perusall Library.

2. In your Canvas course select Perusall from the left menu

3. In Perusall, select Assignments from the top menu, then select +Add assignment

4. Select the content for the assignment  from the dropdown menu

4.1. You can choose to assign the entire article or a range of pages. Then select Next step.

5. Under Options, complete the following information:    

5.1. Submission deadline date; assignment name;  instructions for students.

5.2. Assignment is visible to students starting on; and Assign to specific students.

6. Choose Next step to customize assignment scoring.  

6.1. Choose Use course scoring settings, or Specify custom scoring settings for this assignment.

6.2. Then click Save Changes.

Check this tutorial if you want to learn how to configure the course scoring criteria.

7. In the Assignments tab, you will see a new assignment attached to the content previously selected.

8. Click Copy Full title for LMS to sync your assignment to the Canvas gradebook.  (This will copy the title of the article to the clipboard of your computer to be used later.)

You will use this information to sync this assignment to your Canvas gradebook.

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