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Add, Edit, or Delete a Comment on a Document Assignment in Perusall


1. In your Canvas course select Perusall from the left navigation bar

2. Select your assignment under Assignments, scroll over for assignment doc name, how much of the content is assigned, date/time due, and any specific instructions.  Number of conversations started, follow-up answers, comments, and responses are tallied.  

3. Select Work on assignment to open and examine content.  

4. Highlight text in the document. A new conversation window appears on the right to enter comment.  Press enter/Submit to save the comment.  It will be added and visible to classmates immediately.

5. To edit comment, click on the comment, change the comment as needed, press Enter to save changes.  To delete a comment, click the trash can icon beneath the comment bubble. You can only delete or edit a comment until someone has responded to it.

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