During a meeting options

1. When the meeting starts, you have the option to mute and unmute your microphone as well as starting and stopping your camera by clicking the options in the bottom left corner.

2. You can invite participants by clicking on Invite in the bottom navigation panel.

2.1. You can then select to share the invitation through your default email, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. You can also copy the meeting URL and the Invitation details and then share to whomever.

3. While the meeting is in progress, you can share your screen or different windows that are open on your computer with participants. Click on the Share button.

3.1. Next, select what you would like to share with participants. Once you have made your selection, click on Share.

If you are planning on sharing a video clip, click on Share computer sound in the bottom left corner so that your participants can hear the sound of the video.

3.2. When you want to stop the share, click on Stop Share.

4. You can see who is attending your meeting by clicking on Manage Participants.

4.1. A pop-up window to the right will appear of who all is in the meeting.

5. You can also chat with participants using a chat room by clicking on Chat.

5.1. A pop-up chat window will appear to the right of the screen.

6. When you would like to end the meeting, click on End Meeting in the bottom right corner

6.1. You can choose to End the meeting for all or for you to leave the meeting.