Check voicemail message

1. You can use your RingCentral extension to make and receive calls, listen to your voicemails and view your call history. To access this feature, click on the telephone icon in the bottom left corner.

(4) RingCentral - Google Chrome

1.1. When you click on the phone icon for the first time you will be asked to continue. Then you will be asked to confirm registering your address for emergency calls. Click confirm once you are finished reviewing your information.

(4) RingCentral - Google Chrome

1.2. You will then be able to see your call log, voicemails, fax, and recordings.

2. To check your voicemail, click on the Voicemail tab.

3. The list of voicemails will then appear.

3.1. To listen to a voicemail, click on the blue play button.

3.2. To read the voicemail transcript, click on the text box icon.

4. There are various actions you can perform on a voicemail.

4.1. You can text the caller back by clicking on the chat bubble icon.

4.2. You can call the caller back by clicking on the telephone icon.

4.3. You can mark the voicemail as read by clicking on the flag icon.

4.4. You can download the voicemail by clicking on the download icon.

4.5. You can block the caller by clicking on the block icon.

4.6. You can delete the voicemail by clicking on the trashcan icon.