Visualize Data - Word Tree

Once you are done coding, there are many ways to visualize your data.

A word tree helps identify common words and phrases in the data and show people how you identified themes and findings.

2. Type in the word you want to search for, under Search for. Then, click Run Query.

3. On the bottom right side, click on Word Tree. Note: you may need to use the down arrow or chevron button on the bottom right to find the Word Tree option.

4. Once you finish these steps, a word tree will be shown.

5. To export your word tree, right click the word tree and select Export Word Tree.

6. Select the location of the exported word tree by clicking the location you want on the left navigation window.

7. Type the name of your word tree in the File name: text box.

8. Select the format you want the word tree to be exported to by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Save as type: text box.

9. Click Save.