Visualize Data - Hierarchy Chart

Once you are done coding, there are many ways to visualize your data.

1. To create a hierarchy chart, on the Explore ribbon, in the Charts group, click the Hierarchy Chart drop-down and click Hierarchy Charts.

2. You can then choose what you would like to visualize including sentiment codes and attribute values. After you have finalized your choices, click Next.

3. On the next screen you can choose to compare codes, cases, sentiment, or selected items and from where these codes appear, either all files, externals & memos or within selected items. Once you have finished making your selection, click Finish.

4. Your Hierarchy Chart will be created from your data.

5. Another way to view your hierarchy chart is in a circular sunburst data wheel. To create this wheel, click anywhere within the hierarchy chart. Towards the top on the Hierarchy Chart ribbon, within the Type group, click on the Sunburst type to change the type of chart displayed.

6. You have now created a Sunburst.

7. To export your hierarchy chart, right click the chart and select Export Hierarchy Chart.

8. Select the location of the exported hierarchy chart by clicking the location you want on the left navigation window.

9. Type the name of your hierarchy chart in the File name: text box.

10. Select the format you want the hierarchy chart to be exported to by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Save as type: text box.

11. Click Save.