Import a Dataset

1. On the Import tab, in the Survey group, you can import various survey documents into NVivo. For this demonstration, we will import an Excel dataset. In the same location, click Excel.

2. Locate the file you want to import. Note: only compatible document file types will be shown. Then, click Open.

3. The Survey Import Wizard will pop-up. Click Next.

4. Check your data format. Click Next when finished.

5. Choose the location you would like the project to store your cases. If you want to change the location, click on Change Location and select where you would like it stored.

6. Select the unique ID for each case by clicking the drop-down or chevron button if necessary.

7. Edit the new classification if necessary. Click Next.

8. Then identify the open-ended, closed-ended, and what questions you do not want to import by selecting the corresponding radio button for each question. Click Next.

9. Note: If you have NVivo Plus, NVivo can automatically identify some themes and sentiment in the responses to open-ended questions. You can select Auto code Themes and/or Auto code Sentiment if you would like NVivo to provide preliminary results you can explore further. Click Finish.

10. Once NVivo has finished importing the survey, click Close.

11. Congratulations! You have imported your Excel dataset.