Visualize Data - Hierarchy Chart

Once you are done coding, there are many ways to visualize your data.

1. To create a Hierarchy Chart, click Explore. Then, click Hierarchy Chart.

2. This is a Hierarchy Chart, a tree map. This can help identify and explore patterns in coding such as which word comes up more frequently.

3. Once you make the hierarchy chart, another way to view your hierarchy chart is in a circular sunburst data wheel. To see the sunburst view, click on Sunburst.

4. To export your hierarchy chart, right click or command+click the hierarchy chart and select Export Hierarchy Chart.

5. Select the location of the exported chart by clicking the location you want using the drop-down button next to the Where: text box.

6. Type the name of your chart in the Save As: text box.

7. Select the format you want the chart to be exported to by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the File Format: text box.

8. Click OK.