Analyze Data in NVivo 12

1. Start coding by opening a file and turning on the coding stripes. Open a file by double-clicking the file name. To turn on coding stripes, click View and then click Coding Stripes.

2. Now, we can create nodes based on our research topic. Click on Nodes on the left then right click on the space in between and choose New Top Level Node.

3. You can name your node based on the various themes you want to code your nodes into. Click on the untitled node and type out the name of your node. You can create multiple nodes in this way.

4. As you read, you can drag and drop contents into the nodes.

5. Or, you could try some quick coding by clicking on Code on the top right and then put it under the theme you created.

6. If you find a new theme, you can create it here too. Click on Code, type out the name of the new node and then click on Node on the right as shown below.

7. You can also see the coding via stripes on the right by clicking on them.

8. Or just by opening a node by clicking on it.

9. You can also drag and drop pictures into the nodes.

10. You can also drag and drop PDFs into the nodes.

11. You could also code many other types of data! No matter what format your data, NVivo let's you code your way!