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Import data into Power BI on the Desktop

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You will need to import/upload data into Power BI before you can begin creating visualizations and dashboards.

1. Open Power BI Desktop by following these instructions.

1.1. Click Get Data on the home screen.


1.2. Select the file type from the list and then click Connect.

Get Data

2. If the home screen dialogue box does not appear, click on File.

Untitled - Power BI Desktop

2.1. Select Get data.

Untitled - Power BI Desktop

2.2. Select the format the data is saved as.

Untitled - Power BI Desktop

3. Find your file and click Open.

Untitled - Power BI Desktop

4. Confirm the file delimiter.

titanic (2).csv

5. Power BI can detect the data type for each column/variable. Confirm whether you want Power BI to auto-detect the data type of your dataset.

6. Once you have confirmed your selection, click Load at the bottom to load your dataset into Power BI.

titanic (2).csv

7. Your dataset has now been loaded and you can begin creating visualizations.

Untitled - Power BI Desktop
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