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Access Adobe Workstations using KeyReporter

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This service is limited by request to employees only. To obtain access, please contact the Technology Service Desk by emailing [email protected]

1.  While on VPN, open up a web browser, and navigate to the KeyReporter Portal at

2. Once signed in, click on the Staff Virtual Lab tab.

3. Click on the Green Bar to access the available workstations.

4. Click on any of the green workstations on the floor plan.

If you are using macOS, Microsoft Remote Desktop will need to be installed before proceeding. Please refer to this article on how to download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop.

5. Click on the Connect open to download the RDP session file.

6. Once the session file is downloaded, open the file.

7. The Microsoft Remote Desktop application should automatically open the session file. For username, type in "tc\" following your Active Directory username. Then, type in your password and click Continue.

8. Click continue to proceed with accessing the workstation.

If you have any issues with authenticating into KeyReporter or any of the workstations, please contact the Technology Service Desk by submitting a support ticket or by calling the TCIT hotline at (212) 678-3300.

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