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Using Remote Desktop on Windows 10

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1.Select a Windows 10 workstation, and click Connect.

2. A RDP file will download to your computer. Click on the arrow to open the dropdown menu.

3. SelectOpen.

4. A prompt will appear to select which application to open the RDP session. Select Remote Desktop Connect and click OK.

5. Click Connect to proceed.

6. A prompt will appear for you to enter your TC Okta credentials. Once your credentials are entered, click Continue.(example of username: tc\abc1234)

This may take a couple of moments to sign in for the first time.

7. Remember to sign out when you no longer need access to the computer.DO NOT SHUT DOWN! Logging off will allow another student to use the computer remotely once you've disconnected.

If you have any issues with connecting to a computer using Remote Desktop, please contact the Technology Service Desk by calling (212) 678-3300 or emailing [email protected]

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