Use the Highlighters

1. Select the highlighters by clicking on the pen in the left navigation bar.

2. The highlighter options will appear. Select a color or circle color you would like to use to highlight information in the text.

3. The highlighter will appear. Click and drag the highlighter across the text to highlight.

4. To erase highlighted test click the highlighter symbol from the side navigation bar and from the menu click the red eraser symbol.

5. To erase using the highlighter click on highlighted text with the eraser. The highlighting will erase.

6. To extract highlighted text to a separate notes document click the highlighter symbol from the left navigation menu and click the orange arrow symbol.

7. In the pop out window if you would like to open a new document with all highlighted text and bookmarked words click ok.

8. By clicking OK you will be directed to a separate document with an outline created of the notes that have been highlighted.