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Create a user account in Duo


1. From the Duo console, click Add New... and select User from the dropdown menu.



2.  From the Add User screen, type in the UNI of the user you wish to add in the Username box, then click Add User

3. Under Real Name, enter the user's first and last name. Under Email, type in the users UNI email address.

4. Click Save Changes.

5.  Scroll down to the Phones section, and click Add Phone.

6. Enter user's primary phone number in the Phone number box (by default, you can set up the user with the TC desk phone number. If the user does not have a desk phone, enter their mobile number). Once the number has been added, click Add Phone.

Note: Make sure the phone type has been correctly set! By default, the phone is set to "Generic smartphone." Make sure to change the phone Type to the appropriate phone type. For example, if you are setting the user's primary phone to their TC desk phone, make sure to set the Type to Landline. Once the phone type has been set, click Save Changes.

7. Have user test their Duo setup by logging into the myTC Portal

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