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Add a New Mobile Device in DUO


1. When you are signed in to the myTC Portal and prompted by Duo to authenticate, click Settings

You do not have to authenticate yet! Just click settings to get started with adding a new device

2. Click Add a new device

3. Duo will prompt you to authenticate. From the dropdown menu, choose the device you wish to use for authentication, then choose how you want Duo to contact your chosen device.

4. Choose the type of device you are adding, then click Continue.

Mobile phone and tablet are the two most common devices to use for two-factor authentication. This guide will outline the steps for how to add a mobile phone. The steps for adding a tablet will be similar to the steps required for a mobile phone.

5. Enter the phone number of the device you wish to add, then click Continue.

6. Verify the phone number you have entered is correct by clicking the checkbox, then click Continue.

7. From the list of choices, choose iPhone, then click Continue

8.  From the App Store app, search for the Duo Mobile app, tap "Get" and then "Install" to download the app.

9. From your computer, click I Have Duo Mobile once you have downloaded the Duo Mobile app onto your phone.

10. A barcode will now appear on your computer screen. From your phone, follow the prompts below the barcode

10a. From your phone, open the Duo Mobile app. From the Duo app, tap the + button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

10b. Next, the Add Account screen will appear on your phone which will link your phone to your Duo account. To do this, hold your phone up to your computer screen so that the barcode on the screen can be read by your phone. Like this:

11. Once Duo has finished linking your phone, you will see a green checkmark on your computer screen. Once the green checkmark appears, click Continue.

12. Your newly added device should now appear under My Settings & Devices

13. Click Save to retain your changes, then click Continue to Login to test your newly added device with Duo.

14.  To test, make sure your newly added device is chosen, then select the method you would like Duo to contact you ("Send Me a Push" has been chosen in the example below)

Duo allows you to not require multi-factor authentication for a computer for 7 days. You can approve any computer that you commonly use and will not be required to provide two-factor authentication confirmation for 7 days. Simply check the "Remember me for 7 days" box to enable.  

If you are using a computer that you share with others or is a public computer, DO NOT check this box.

15. After you have chosen the method, Duo will send a notification to your mobile phone.

16. Tap the notification that appears on your device.  If you have chosen "Send Me a Push," the notification will look something like this:

17. A Login Request screen will appear on your device. Tap Approve to log in .

IMPORTANT: If you receive a Login Request from Duo and you did NOT attempt to log in to your myTC Portal financial information, then tap Deny. If someone else is trying to view your financial information in the Portal, tapping Deny will prevent them from accessing your information.  Change your myTC Portal password immediately!

18. All set! You should get the "Approved" message from Duo and be able to access your myTC Portal information from your computer.

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