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Record Meet sessions in your Google HIPAA account

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Make sure you are signed in to your Google HIPAA account before completing the steps below.

1. From your Google HIPAA account, click on the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen, then click Meet

2. Click Join or start a meeting

3. Once you have obtained consent from all meeting participants, click Accept

4. Click the menu button (three dots)

5. Click Record meeting

6. When the meeting is over, navigate to the menu button mentioned in Step 4 (the three dots) and click Stop recording

7. Click Stop recording. The recording will automatically save to the Google Drive of the individual who recorded the session.

8. Click the red phone icon to end the meeting

9. To view your recording, go to Drive. From there, click Meet Recordings.

10. Your list of recorded Meet sessions can be found here.

*It will usually take a few mintues for the meetings to show up. The longer the meeting, the longer it will take for the file to be processed and saved.

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