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Signing into your Google HIPAA Account

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Google HIPAA accounts are only available to researchers working with Protected Health Information (PHI) and must be requested by contacting the TCIT Service Desk.

1. From Google Chrome browser, go to File and select New Incognito Window


IMPORTANT: In order to maintain HIPAA compliance, you MUST use Google Chrome browser when using your Google HIPAA account

2. Go to Once you're at the sign-in page, type in your new HIPAA account name, followed by "" For example: [email protected]

HIPAA accounts will always be in the format: YourUNI-h

3.  Once at the myTC Login screen, type in your HIPAA account name (UNI-h), followed by your password.

*If you have not yet set a password for your HIPAA account, follow these instructions to do so.

4. All set! You should now be signed into your HIPAA Google account.

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