Change a Scheduled Zoom Meeting to a Webinar

If you have already created a Zoom meeting, but would like to change it to a webinar, follow the steps below. Note: you must have been given webinar access on your Zoom account before you can complete these steps.

1. Log into Zoom via myTC portal using your TC UNI and password.

myTC Login - Google Chrome

2. Click the Student, Faculty, or Employee Resources tab and under the General Technology Resources click TC Zoom.

3. Click on Meeting in the left menu.

My Meetings - Zoom - Google Chrome

4. Find the meeting you want to make into a webinar and click on the meeting name or Topic.

My Meetings - Zoom - Google Chrome

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the meeting details and click on Convert this Meeting into a Webinar.

Meeting Information - Zoom - Google Chrome

6. Then click Convert on the pop-up window.

Once you convert an existing meeting to a webinar, you cannot change it back. Note: your Zoom account must have been granted webinar access before you can convert a meeting into a webinar.

Meeting Information - Zoom - Google Chrome

7. Now the existing meeting has been converted to a webinar.

Webinar Information - Zoom - Google Chrome