Manage the email settings in your webinar.

Zoom automatically sends confirmation email to your participants when they register, send a reminder email to your participants and registrants, and send a follow-up email to all your webinar attendees and absent registrants.

The steps below guide you through changing the text of each of those types of emails.

1. In Zoom click Webinars.

2. Click on the title of your webinar.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Email Settings

4. To edit the confirmation email that is sent to registrants click Edit in the Confirmation Email to Registrants section.

5. Send a reminder email to Panelists and Registrants by clicking edit.

It is recommended that you send a reminder email to both panelists and attendees. When someone registers for the webinar they will receive a unique link. By sending a reminder email they will receive that email again.

6. Send attendees and Absentees follow-up email by selecting Edit.