Schedule a new webinar with registration

1. Go to

2. Click on Faculty, Student, or Employee Resources and under General Technology Resources click TC Zoom

3. Click Webinars in the left navigation menu.

4. Click Schedule a Webinar.

5. Give your Webinar a Topic and Description.

Your Description will be displayed on the registration page.

6. Enter the date, start time, and duration of your webinar.

For the start time make sure to put the time the webinar will actually be starting. This start time will be displayed on your registration page.

7. Click registration required.

Requiring registration is suggested so that you can collect data on who will be attending your webinar.

8. Under Webinar Options check Q&A and Enable Practice Session.

The Q&A box is where you can encourage participants to ask questions during the webinar, it is more organized than the Chat box.

The practice session allows you to start the webinar early to meet with your panelists and get everything set up before you broadcast the webinar for attendees to enter. The webinar will automatically broadcast at your start time listed in your webinar details.

9. If recording select record the webinar automatically in the cloud.

Recordings will be stored in your Zoom account and should be uploaded to TC Digital Media.

All recordings that will be made available publicly on Teachers College website will need to be captioned for an extra cost ($1.25 a minute).

10. Add an alternative host if you have someone else who would will be starting the webinar in the hosts place and click Schedule.

11. Your webinar has been created.