Submit Individual Papers to Turnitin

1. Go to

2. In the Upper Right Corner, click on Login.

3. Log in with your and your Turnitin password.

Forgot your Turnitin password or never created a Turnitin password? Click Forgot Password and check your email for instructions.

If you get an error message that the email/name combination you entered is not in our system, email

4. Turn on the Quick Submit option

4.1. Click on User Info at the top of the page.


4.2. Under Activate quick submit, select Yes and then click Save


5. Click the Quick Submit tab.

6. To start the upload process, click on Submit button in the top left corner of the quick submit inbox.

7. Select the databases that the submitted paper or papers will be checked against.

8. From the 'Submit Papers to:' drop-down box , choose which repository you'd like the papers you are submitting to be stored in. If you would like future papers to not match against the file you will upload, choose No Repository.

9. Continue to the paper submission page by selecting the Submit button.

10. You are now able to upload to Turnitin