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Create a Turnitin assignment for student drafts

1. In your Canvas course click Assignments in the side navigation.

2. In the top right corner of the page click + Assignment.

3. Enter an assignment Name.

4. Scroll down and enter any additional assignment details you would like, such as points, how you would like the grade to be displayed, and an assignment description.

5. Under Submission type select External Tools from the dropdown menu.

6. Click Find.

7. In the pop-out window find and click Turnitin and click select.

8. Select a due date for the turnitin assignment and click Save and Publish.

Note: Students will not be able to resubmit papers once the gradebook due date has passed. To prevent this, set your Canvas assignment due date for the end of the semester or any future date you see fit.

9. In the newly created Turnit in assignment click Settings.

10. To allow students to submit drafts to this assignment click Optional Settings.

11. Under Submission settings click the drop down menu and select Do not store submitted papers.

12. Under Similarity Report click Generate Reports immediately (students can resubmit to the due date of the paper. After 3 submissions, reports will generate after 24 hours).

13. At the bottom of the page click Submit.

14. Your Settings will be saved and your assignment has been created.