Deploy an MSI file to Software Center

Before deploying software to Software Center via SCCM, please test out the software installation experience by running the installer all the way through on a test machine and noting any specific software requirements or dependencies (such as a serial number, additional piece of software, or specific OS version). Once this has been completed, make note of the dependencies or requirements, then proceed to Step 1.

1. After downloading and testing the software you wish to deploy, Connect to \\msccmgrdp\sccmapps

2. Create a folder for the application (e.g VLC)

3. Copy the .msi file to the application folder on msccmgrdp (e.g. \\msccmgrdp\sccmapps\vlc)

4. Open the SCCM Configuration Manager Console

5. Go to: Software Library\Application Management\Applications(expand the folder on the menu on the left side\UserSelfServiceApplicationCatalog, then right-click and create a new folder that will host the application.

6. Right-click on the folder you created in the previous step, and select Create Application

7. Select:

  • Automatically detect information about this application from installation files
  • Type: Windows Installer (*.msi file)
  • Location: (click Browse and specify location. Example: \\msccmgrdp\SCCMAPPS\(name of folder you created for this deployment)
  • Click Next

8. Click Next

9. Steps:

Name the application

Under Administrator comments: TCIT Service Desk (today's date)

Software version: Populate this field with the version of this software, if known (this will help us keep the software up to date)

Install behavior: Install for system (this will be our default--there may be situations where specific software needs to be targeted to a user, rather than a system).

10. Click Next

11. Once the Application Wizard finishes, the application is created. Click Close

12. Next, in the Configuration Manager console, choose Software Library > Application Management > Applications > UserSelfServiceApplicationCatalog>(name of folder you created for this deployment)

13.  Right-click on the application you created and select Create Deployment Type

14. Select Manually specify the deployment type information, then click Next

15.  Enter the Name of the application, note who created the application and today's date in the Administrator comments box. Select English as the language, then click Next.

16. Fill in Content location and browse for the Installation program msi you previously created in Steps 1-3 above