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Create a webcam recording using a TC Screencast-o-matic Pro account.


1. Go to the Teachers College Screencast-O-Matic Pro page.

Note: The Screencast-o-Matic Pro page is available for TC faculty and staff use. TC Faculty and staff should contact to request the URL for the Pro page.

2. From your Pro account page, click on Start Recorder.

3. If you get a message "Get recorder launcher," click Download Launcher.

4. When the screen recorder appears, click on Webcam.

5. When you are ready to begin recording, click the red Rec button.

6. There will be a 3-second countdown. After GO! disappears, your recording will begin.

7. When you are done recording, click the blue Stop button.

8. When the recording has stopped, you can:

8.1. Click the Play button to review the recording

8.2. Click the trash can to delete the recording and start again

8.3. Click Done to begin saving the recording

9. Once you click Done, you can choose where to save your recording. To save as an MP4 file on your computer, click Save As Video File.

10. Click the Filename field and give your recording a name.

11. Click the Folder field and Browse to where you would like to store your recording on your computer.

12. Finally, click Publish.

13. A message will appear while the recording is being saved to your computer.

14. When the publishing is complete, you can go to your recording by clicking on Browse Folder.

15. The name of your recording will be highlighted. You can share this file via email or upload to a video service such as YouTube.

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