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Record video in Screencast-o-matic


After you've written your script and recorded your audio, you are ready to record the video.

1. Open on your computer what you'd like to record on your screen.

2. On your Screencast-O-Matic script, click on the line for which you'd like to create a screen recording.

3. Click Record Video.

4. Drag the edges of the dashed-line frame so it contains just the information you would like recorded.

5. Click the Rec button.

6. Once the 3-second countdown disappears, your screen will be recorded.

7. Your audio will playback and the text of your script will appear to help you sync your video with your audio recording.

8. Click the Pause button to stop recording the screen.

9. When the recording stops, you can (1) click the Play button to hear and watch the recording, (2) click the Trash icon to delete the recording, or (3) click Done to save that recording.

10. Your script will appear again and include a thumbnail of your recording.

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