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Submit End of Semester Grades (Faculty)

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1. Log in to the MyTC Portal using your UNI and password.

2. Click on the Faculty Resources tab.

3. Within the Faculty Self-Service, click on Grade Entry.

4. Click Final Grades.

5. Select the CRN for the course.

6. Enter Final Grades.

7. Additional Information: Submitting incomplete grades

7.1. If you select a Grade of Incomplete, the following screen will pop up for the current student.

7.2. To submit an "IN" grade, you must submit an Incomplete Final Grade and an Extension Date.

The incomplete grade process has been updated to prevent incomplete grades from becoming permanent grades. The Incomplete Final Grade will replace the 'IN' grade once the Extension Date is reached. This grade will be entered if no action is taken to remove the 'IN'. Enter a grade based on completed coursework. The Extension Date may not be more than one year after the term ends.

8. Once you have finished entering the grades, click Save.

Grades will only be saved to the Information System when you have click on Save.


9. After you save your grades, you should see a message at the top of the screen that says "The changes you made were saved successfully."

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