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Does Bitwarden support sharing?

Bitwarden's "Collections" feature allows passwords to be shared between members of the TC Community, and for a collection of passwords to be shared with a specific group. Here's more information on how to use Collections. Still stuck? Contact the Service Desk for more information on collections and groups.

When I have a folder in Collections, it goes into the Teachers College Vault. Does everyone at TC have access to this collection?

No, not everyone has access to items in an organization Bitwarden. Only those who create and have been provided access by the owner of specific Collections can see them. You can think of the Teachers College vault and the "My Vault" in Bitwarden as the equivalent to Google Shared Drive (the Teachers College Vault) and Google My Drive (My Vault).

How do I share a single file or password with someone else?

Bitwarden's "Share" feature allows you to share an attachment or password (or other text) with another person whether they have a Bitwarden account or not! Here's more information on how to use this feature.

Why use a password manager?

Password managers allow you to protect all of your passwords with a single secure master password. Since you only have to remember one password, you can create strong random passwords unique to every site you visit. Remembering all of these passwords without a password manager would be all but impossible.

Besides being convenient, password managers help prevent password reuse which is often the cause of data breaches. They also make your passwords available wherever you have internet access - and even offline - once you have configured these location settings.

Is Bitwarden secure?

Bitwarden uses zero trust architecture to ensure that no one - not even Bitwarden - has access to the data stored in their encrypted vault. Their use of modern encryption technology is resistant to even specialized encryption cracking hardware.

Can I use Bitwarden on a mobile device?

Bitwarden has applications for both iOS and Android that can be used to automatically fill password information.

Auto-Fill instructions for IOS Devices

Auto-fill instructions for Android Devices

I forgot by Bitwarden password. How do I reset it?


Please reach out to the Service Desk. They can assist you with resetting your password.


Do I have to enter my master password every time when using a mobile device?

If you enable biometrics or a PIN on your mobile device, you will not need to enter your password every time you use Bitwarden.

Unlock your vault with biometrics

Unlock your vault with a PIN

What other platforms does Bitwarden support?

Bitwarden has extensions for a variety of web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. There are also applications for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

How do I import my Lastpass data?

Why is Teachers College moving away from LastPass?

In 2023, LastPass experienced two major security breaches, which prompted TC to transition from LastPass to Bitwarden. TCIT  encourages all TC staff and faculty to transition from LastPass to Bitwarden as soon as possible.

When will I lose access to my Lastpass Vault?

Since we are not renewing with LastPass, your Lastpass Vault will only be available until June 30, 2024; after this date, your passwords and secure notes saved in LastPass will be unrecoverable.

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