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Use Remote Desktop on a Mac


Step 1

Connect to the VPN using Palo Alto Global Protect VPN

Step 2

If you have not yet done so, install Microsoft Remote Desktop. If you have already installed the Remote Desktop app, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

From the Finder, navigate to the Go Menu>Applications.

Step 3

Open Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Step 4

The Microsoft Remote Desktop window will appear.

Step 5

If you have already saved your work computer's information, you can select it and click Start to connect. Otherwise, click New or Add PC.

Step 6

Under PC name, put your TC computer's (your desktop computer at TC that you are trying to access) name or IP address in the PC name box. If you do not know this information, please reach out to the Service Desk. They can help you obtain this information.

Example of computer name: (where is says "tcdesktopexample," you would put in the name of your computer)

Step 7

Under User account, click the arrow on the dropdown menu to display options, and select Add User Account.

Step 8

Enter the following information and then click Add:

Username: Your network username (the username you use to login to your work computer--usually your last name)

Password: Your network password  (the password you use to login to your work computer)

Step 9

Double-click the saved connection you just created in the steps above.

Step 10

If there is a certificate error, click Continue.

Step 11

You are now connected to your TC Windows Machine.

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