Add an Instructor to Canvas

If someone is listed as the Instructor in the TC Course Schedule, they have been designated by the TC Registrar as the "instructor of record" and they are automatically fed into Canvas from Banner.

If a Canvas Admin deletes the instructor of record from a Canvas course, that instructor will automatically be added back to the course during the next feed.

The TC Registrar is the only person who can permanently delete the instructor of record from the Canvas feed.  

The Canvas feed is updated 3 times each day.

1. Using the information about the course check the Teachers College Course Schedule to check that the roster matches the users name.

If the instructor is not listed on the course catalogue you will need to have the instructor contact the Registrar's office to correct their record in Banner.

Registrar's Office contact information:

Phone:(212) 678-4050

2. Once you have confirmed the correct instructor, in Canvas click the Admin panel in the Global Navigation.

3. Click Teachers College Columbia University

4. In the courses section of the Admin Tools enter the name of the course you are searching for and the term. Click on the course.

5. In the course click People from the course navigation.

6. Click People

7. Click Login ID option and add the users UNI and select Teachers from the dropdown menu.

8. You will receive a message that there were several possible matches. Click the circle next to the name associated with Teachers College listed as the Institution and click Next.

Do NOT select the student name associated with the email address because the students will not be able to access the course in Canvas.

9. When the confirmation message appears, click Add User.

10. The users status will be set as pending till they accept the course invitation.


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