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Check user access to TC Zoom Pro account

1. Go to the myTC portal and click the Employee Resources tab. In the General Technology Resources portlet, click TC Zoom.

TC Zoom Pro accounts are for active TC staff, faculty, and students only.

TC Alumni do not have TC Zoom Pro accounts.

myTC - Employee Resources

2. In the Admin section, go to User Management and click Users.

My Meetings - Zoom

3. In the Search box, type the user's UNI and tap Enter.

User Management - Zoom

4. If the user appears, check their Type of license.

  • Basic indicates it is a "free" account with limited meeting minutes and participants.
  • Licensed indicates it is a "Pro" account with unlimited meeting minutes and up to 300 participants.

If the user's name does not appear, advise them to create their account by following these instructions:

5. Upgrade a Basic user to a Pro account

5.1. Click Edit to the right of the user's name.

5.2. Click Licensed and click Save.

User Management - Zoom