Install ArcGIS Desktop

Microsoft's (DOT).Net Framework 3.5 has to be enabled on the computer before proceeding.

1. Open the ArcGIS Desktop folder, and click on the ESRI Application file.

2. Under the ArcGIS Desktop category, select the option to setup ArcGIS Desktop.

3. If UAC prompts you to open ArcGIS 10 Setup, click "Yes".

4. Click "Next" to proceed.

5. Accept the license agreement and click "Next" to proceed.

6. Click "Next" to proceed.

7. Click "Next" to proceed.

8. Click "Next" to proceed.

9. Click "Next" to proceed.

9. Click "Finish" to complete the installation process.

With the installation complete, activation is required. Please refer to the next article on activating ArcGIS.