Update NVivo activation codes

This article will walk you through the process of updating the activation codes for NVivo

1. TCIT will receive the new activation code from Columbia University.

The new installation links can be found here.

3. Create a ticket assigned to Service Desk informing them of the new activation code so they can begin to update the computer labs and classroom computers that have NVivo installed.

4. Next, develop an announcement to send to the TC community and send to ATS Director for final edits and to send out.

The new NVivo 12 activation codes are now available. NVivo is software for qualitative data analysis that is available for current Teachers College faculty, staff, and students.

To access the codes and software, go to the myTC portal and click on either the Student, Faculty, or Employee Resources tab. Scroll to the Technology Resources section and select Nvivo. You will see the activation codes and links to download the software.

You can use our NVivo self-paced tutorial to guide you through installing and learning more about NVivo. If you have any issues with the installation, please email the Service Desk or click the red Support icon on the myTC portal

To learn more about NVivo, attend one of our free Academic Technology Workshops. Or, sign up for a 30-minute Research Huddle to meet with our Analytics and Research Technology Specialist to discuss a specific question about using NVivo for your research.