Licensing SPSS

Overall steps for SPSS licensing process

  1. Annual order provides new codes
  2. Log in to IBM/SPSS licensing site to acquire new codes
  3. Log in to IBM/SPSS download site to download new version of software if applicable
  4. Log in to Alfresco (or GDrive/GSites) to update web page which is linked on the Portal

Log in to IBM Subscribenet for new codes

The log in site is:

with username

with password in LastPass shared with Joe, Dasaundra, Jonathan and Nicolas


Select "Generate Authorization Code" to see existing codes and generate new ones.

Select IBM SPSS Statistics Premium

Select the version of SPSS you want code information for.  This is typically the most recent version, e.g. v25 at this time.

Select "Generate" to create new codes or "View" to see current codes.

Note in the view mode that our current licenses are shown with a quantity of 7500 for the single code shown.  The authorization code shown here is the one that should be copied and listed on the portal web site available to our community.  Currently, there is a single license code for all users, administrative, faculty and students even though these are billed separately.  

Generate a new authorization code

After clicking on the "Generate" button, in the resulting screen, enter 7500 as the quantity, select 7500 as the number of Authorization codes, but ensure that you have clicked on the "Create One Authorization Code" button!  The Customer name, Order # and Purchase Order Number can be obtained from the order that either Stacy or Katya has however, it should also be available on the subscription site under "My Orders" and "View Order History".    License type is typically Maintenance Renewal.  

Order #, PO, etc. is here.

Updating the SPSS/AMOS web page for license and software deployment

Currently the website is located on Alfresco File Share.  Searching on File Share for SPSS will bring up the site.

In the search bar at the upper right, enter "spss", then click on SPSShome.html to bring up the proper site.

Currently,  Joe, Dasaundra, Nicolas, Jonathan and Charles have Manager roles for this website.  It is possible to select "Inline editing" to replace the authorization codes with the new ones.  In addition, please note that the actual programs (for downloading) are stored on Chris Doucet's GDrive and he has set permissions to allow linking for our community.  In the future, you should create a new space (e.g. on a Google Team Drive), which you manage and use those links in the web page to send people for downloading the software.

Downloading new versions of SPSS and AMOS

Log in to the IBM Software download & media access site at:

Password is stored in LastPass and shared with Joe, Dasaundra, Jonathan and Nicolas.  From home site, select "Continue"

For SPSS, select the IBM SPSS Statistics Premium Campus Edition.

On the next screen you may need several iterations, one for each operating system, e.g. from the dropdown, select Windows 10 Enterprise and English language

You may now click "Download" to provide the actual SPSS installation files.  Do the same for Mac OS.  Once you have these files, store them on a Team GDrive and record the link, which you should use on the Alfresco Fiile Share web page.

Once done with SPSS, you can follow the same logic in all the above steps for AMOS.