Working with MPlus licensing

License management for MPlus

MPlus is a statistical analysis program from the company Muthen & Muthen.  The site for licensing is:

Just click on the Login menu option to get to the admin site

Administering the site

Use Log in ID and password stored in LastPass.  

Once logged in, you may view licenses and who has licenses by selecting "View your licenses and downloads.  

This page will show the license code, the registered license holder and on the far right, the expiration date (not shown below)

The licenses shown here are individual licenses for a single user with the exception of the one circled, which is a "Lab" license for 35 computers.  

Adding Licensed users

To add additional licenses,

  • The order should placed through UNImarket.  
  • Once the order has been processed by Muthen & Muthen,
    • You should have the user create an account at
    • A note will appear on the admin page that a license is available.  
    • You as admin should enter information about the user who will be receiving the new license.  This information will include their name and email address.  It is critically important that you share the exact information you enter here with the user, as they must use exactly the same email address and name when they create their account.

After clicking on "Login" on the main web page, the site will present the option below to create an account.

Admin on the site will have the ability to enter the user information regarding to whom the license should be deployed.

Once the order has been processed and account created, the user will log in and be able to download the software for themselves.