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Licenses for old versions of Adobe software

Managing licenses and downloads of old versions of Adobe software and Adobe software not included in Creative Cloud

The College has purchased and deployed versions of Adobe software that in many cases predate current software available through the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Some programs, such as Presenter, Connect, Captivate are not included in Creative Cloud.  

Be aware that the old versions, not in the Adobe Cloud are often not secure, and may not be appropriate to load on College machines (e.g. the older versions of Acrobat, Creative Suite, etc.

A separate site log in is required should one need the license codes and program downloads for the above categories of Adobe software.  Often the license codes will be find printed on the media that has been distributed for these programs in the past from the office in 234HM.  However, a log in is required if this information will be needed.

The log in site is: with log in name   and the password is stored in LastPass.

Working with the old Adobe Licensing site

This licensing site comprises a wide variety of account names ranging from Teachers College to Columbia University Teachers CO to The Heritage School, to Columbia Univ. Architecture Columbia Univ.   In addition for each of these organization names, there are two End User IDs: Teachers College, and Columbia Univ. Teachers CO.  One must select and End User ID and then an organization name from the Deploy-to ID list then "Search"  to see a list of products.  Often it is necessary to search through many combinations of these selections to find the sofware title needed.  

On the licensing site, begin by clicking "Retrieve Serial Numbers" under "Licenses"  -- one can also select "Downloads" if the actual program is desired.  

Select End User ID and then click on the Deploy-to ID selection desired (note you may need to scroll through the list).

Now view the products for this combination by clicking on the Search button.

You will find serial numbers listed in one column of the list of titles (Note that often there are separate rows for Mac and Windows for the same title as well as different version numbers.

You may find that some combinations of End User ID and Deploy-to-ID will produce more than one page of titles listed.  At the bottom right, you can select different pages for the listing.

If the software you seek isn't listed here

There is one additional log in for the licensing site:

but the log in ID is: and the password is in LastPass.  Note there are only a few titles listed on this site.  It is unclear why Adobe created all these various organization names, but it seems to be related to the making new names for each of our bulk orders to Adobe.