Crowdstrike Installation for PC computer

1. Navigate to and click on myTC and login.

Click on Student Resources

2.  Click on Student Resources.

3. Scroll to bottom of Screen to General Technology Resources.

4. Click on Windows Version Crowdstrike Falcon For Students Only!

5. Right click on WindowsSensor.exe

Right Click on WindowsSensor.exe and click on Download

6.  Next right click and download the Windows_Checksum_Crowdstrike.txt


7. Download that this to a location on your computer.


8. Next find the Windows_Sensor file on your computer and right click it and run as administrator


9.  You will be prompted with the box below.  Click yes.

10.) The following window should pop up.

11. Next click on the check box and enter in the code that was found in the Windows_Checksum_Crowdstrike.txt


12. Crowdstrike will now begin to install program and when finished will show the following window.   You installation of Crowstrike is complete.