The swirl R package makes it fun and easy to learn R programming.

1. To install swirl, type the following into the console: install.packages("swirl")

2. Then, press enter.

3. To start swirl, type the following: library("swirl") swirl()

4. Then, press enter.

5. The following will come up in your console. Type in your name and press enter.

6. Continue reading along and interacting with swirl.

7. When you get to the following, install an interactive course. Enter the number of the course you want to learn.

8. There are even more courses other than those! If you would like to install a course that is not part of our course repository, type ?InstallCourses at the R prompt for a list of functions that will allow you to do so.

9. After you complete a course, in order to install a new course go back to step 1 and repeat.

Have fun!