1. You can create variables to store data. Variables have arbitrary names, so you can call them whatever you want. To create a variable, provide it's name (in this case six), then the assignment operator <- , and some value. Let's create a variable called "six" and give it the value of "6". Therefore, we would type: six <- 6

2. 2) Now we can use this "six" variable as if it were any other number.

3. In the script you should type in the following: six + 3

4. In the console, you should see the answer as 9.

5. You can use whatever names you want and it'll still work.

6. For example, try it out by making the variable blue the value of the number 4. Therefore, we would type: blue <-4 six+blue

7. On the top right hand side if you look at values, you will now see the two variables (six and blue) with the value that it represents.