Install R and RStudio for Windows

1. To install R, go to

2. Depending on your operating system, click Download R for (your operating system).

3. Click on install R for the first time.

4. Click Download R for Windows. Open the downloaded file.

5. Select the language you would like to use during the installation. Then click OK.

6. Click Next.

7. Select where you would like R to be installed. It will default to your Program Files on your C Drive. Click Next.

8. You can then choose which installation you would like.

9. If your computer is a 64-bit, you can choose the 64-bit User Installation. Then click Next.

10. Then specify if you want to customized your startup or just use the defaults. Then click Next.

11. Then you can choose the folder that you want R to be saved within or the default if the R folder that was created. You can also choose if you do not want a Start Menu folder at the bottom. Once you have finished, click Next.

12. You can then select additional shortcuts if you would like. Click Next.

13. Click Finish.

14. Next, download RStudio. Go to

15. Click Download RStudio

16. Click Download under RStudio Desktop- Open Source License.

17. Click on the operating system that you are working with.

18. The RStudio installation wizard will pop-up. Click Next and go through the installation steps.

19. Congratulations! You have now installed R and RStudio.