Create a New Reference

There are three ways to add new citations to your EndNote library:

  1. Exporting references from an online database
  2. Conducting an online search via the EndNote platform
  3. Manually creating references

From an Online Database

To export a reference from an online database (including the Teachers College Supersearch):

Use an online database (such as the Teachers College Supersearch or an online journal such as PubMed) as you typically would.

1. Select the reference you want. Click Send To or Export, and then select Citation Manager or EndNote Desktop.

2. Export the articles you have selected, and then click Export. You can export up to 500 records each time without selection.

3. A file will download. Right-click the file and select Open.

4. The references will then populate in the EndNote library that is currently opened on your desktop.

5. To add a PDF of the article, select the reference, right-click on the references, then click the Find Full Text button.

6. If the full-text PDF can be found, it will be attached to the reference.

From the EndNote Platform

To conduct an online search via the EndNote platform:

7. Click the globe-shaped online search icon.

8. You can access the TC online database by selecting Columbia U-Teachers or the Columbia University database by selecting Columbia U and clicking Choose. 

9. The database will appear in your navigation.

11. Confirm the number of records you would like to be populated within EndNote. Click OK.

12. Select the references you want, right-click and select "Copy References To". Then select your library or create a new library on your computer.

13. If you decide to create a New Library, type the name for your new library in the File name: text box, choose the location of where you want it to be saved in the left navigation, and then click Save.

Manually Create New References

14. Go to References and then click New Reference.

15. This opens a New Reference window for you to start typing (or pasting) into the fields.

16. Set the reference type using the drop-down menu next to the Reference Type: text box at the top of the record window.

17. Enter author names. For multiple authors, enter each new author on a new line by clicking Enter keyboard button within the Author field.

18. Once you are finished, click File and then Save to save your new reference.